A closer look

In the first day of spring our neighbor
across the street took this picture

You look close you see our front yard friends.

The strange thing is if you look even closer
in the window my white haired fat head
is bobbing around.

Im sitting there
I never saw the critters

We miss so many things

Faith, is not merely
something we think

Faith is not a conjured
up feeling or emotion;

Faith is something we do,

Our action is something
that can be seen.

Faith is acting on the
revealed will of God,
obeying what He tells us.

As we read the roll call
of the faithful in Hebrews 11,

we see that none of these
individuals were commended
for how they felt or for what they thought.

They were honored
for their actions.

They acted on
God’s will as it was
revealed to them

from A Passion For Prayer

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