Hopeless circumstances

In Under utterly hopeless circumstances
he by God’s grace hopefully believed.

Rom. 4: 18 WEYMOUTH

When God is going to
do something wonderful,
He begins with a difficulty.

If it is going to be something
very wonderful,
He begins with impossibility.


O God of the impossible!

Since all things are to You
On soil in which Omnipotence
Can work almightily,

Each trial may to us
become the means
that will display

How what seems impossible
Our God has perfect sway!

The very storms
that beat on
Our little bark
so frail,

But manifest Your
power to quell
All forces that assail.

The things that are
to us too hard,

The foes that
are too strong,

Are just the very ones
that may Awake
a triumph song.

O God of the impossible,
When we no hope can see,

Grant us the faith
that still believes
ALL’s possible to Thee!

J. H. S.

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