A spacious room

Lift up your eyes from where you are
look north & south, east & west.
All the land that you see I will give to you.

Genesis 13:14–15

“No desire will ever be placed in us by the Holy Spirit unless God intends to fulfill it”

S. A. Keen

So please Lord let our faith rise up & soar away to claim all the land given us

Everything we can comprehend through faith’s vision belongs to us

You’ve given us every spiritual blessing in heavenly places

You’ve risen us up with Christ, so energize as to seek Your things above

Help us look as far as we can, as You’ve promised it is all ours through You

Let us appreciate & then appropriate the adequacy of Your Spirit filling

Set our affections & desires on You Jesus

Let us be drawing on Your life moment by moment

Stimulate our trust to embrace all of Your wonders within the possibilities of our faith

Draw us closer & closer into an intimate relationship with You, in Your Word

Open up our soul completely to the power of Your Spirit & enrapture us in Your presence

Open up our understanding & enable us to see Your fullness

Lead us by Your voice in believing in all You have given to us

Let us accept for ourselves all the promises of Your Word,

Awaken our desires & cause us to be awoke in You

Make us aware of our possibilities as followers of Jesus

Show to us all the land, every piece of spiritual territory that You’ve given to us

We’re grateful for Your provisions of grace, which help us along the way

We’re grateful for the way You fulfill Your promises to us

We’re grateful for this inner vision of assurances God & Your comforts within

We see how You give natural instinct in the heart of birds to fly to warmer climates

Give us spiritual instincts that lift us into breezes & springlike warmth’s of prayers

Use the gust of each storm to cause us to fly up into the arms of Your heavenly hope

Jesus voice directed them to

Keep their eyes open as they entered the city

Here, They’d see a man carrying a water jug. They we’re to follow him.

He would lead them to a house where they’d speak with the owner of the house:

He told them what to say

The Teacher wants to know

Where is the guest room where I can eat the Passover meal with My disciples

So the owner shows them a spacious second-story room, swept & ready

So they Prepare the meal there with Jesus

And they found everything just as Jesus told them for a Passover feast with Jesus

And in this spacious room above

Jesus girds Himself with a towel & washes our feet

Luke 22:10-13

Lord lead us to Your spacious rooms!

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