Spiritual checkup

Clear our name, GOD; We’re asking for a clean bill of health.

We’ve worked at staying in shape

We know the key to spiritual health is staying near You, GOD,
so we’re hanging with You

We don’t just need an occasional wellness check

An annual physical just isn’t enough

We need You, our divine physician to examine us constantly

GOD, please, every moment, check us out from head to foot

Order Your battery of tests & Make sure we’re fit inside & out

Give us Your Lab test for our blood

Examine our body fluids

Give us a comprehensive spiritual EKG

This is our daily need

Put us on Your treadmill for a stress test

Hook up to our spiritual wires with Your Spirit

Develop in us a healthy heart that’s beating for You

We can never afford to lose sight of Your love,

Lead us in staying in step with You,

Sensitize us to Your heart in our heart & never let us miss a beat

The cost of lingering with tricksters & deceptive nonsense, pollutes our spiritual health,

To be around the social gougers & character thugs is disillusioning

Deliver us from those who gorge on lies & fake news as this is a contaminating poison.

They are like a pack of gangsters & they fog the atmosphere with twisted double-talk.

This stuff adulterates, taints & poisons with an infectious blight.

Scrub our lives with Your pure soap & then O GOD, we’ll sprint straight to You

We’ll be worshiping Your intrinsic worth.

Our hearts will be packed to bursting with Your music.

Our lungs won’t be collapsed with gasping instead we’ll be singing God-songs

Our hearts will are strengthened to praise You from the top of our lungs & revel in God-stories!

GOD, we love living near You;

We want Your beautiful breath in our inner being

We want to live in Your house as Your presence glows with Your glory.

It’s time now for spring cleaning,

Sweep us out. Mop up the dirt.

Get rid of the quacks & crooks,

We’re surrounded with politicians who’ve loaded us down with a bags of dirty tricks,

Creepy, pretentious, self aggrandizing blatherers who stuffed their bank accounts with bribe-money.

We need Your light of total exposure.

We ask that every defiling spec of this disease sated dust, would be revealed by You GOD;

Psalms 26 Paraphrased

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