Excel in inadequacy

It is odd that we can excel in feelings of inadequacy & wallow at the weight
of our problems as gigantic impossibilities.

Then Jesus draws near with His voice through His Word.

He says we are complete in Him,

He reassures that He is the head of all principality & power:

He has all the power & all the needed solutions are supplied in His grace.

We can give everything to Him.

He says: Because we have kept the word of His patience,
He also will keep us from the hour of temptation,
which shall come upon all the world

We feel inadequate but when we keep His Word in front of us,
When we see how patiently He cares for us, our inadequacy is swallowed in Him.

The Word of His patience is Him faithfully surrounding us with Himself.

He patiently knocks at our hearts door asking us to open up to Him.

Keeping His Word of patience is hearing Him & allowing Him in,

We let Him carry our burdens,
We let Him take our inadequacies
We let Him take each problem.

He is our adequacy & we are complete in Him.
We are awed by His patience.

He tells us
Before I shaped you in the womb, I knew all about you.
Before you saw the light of day, I had holy plans for you:
You’re to be a prophet to the nations— that’s what He has in mind for us.

But we say,
Wait, Master, Look at us. We don’t know anything. We inadequate!

But GOD says: Don’t say, ‘you’re inadequate,
He’ll tell us where to go & we’ll go there.
He’ll tell us what to say and we’ll say it.
Don’t be afraid of a anyone. He’ll be right here with us, looking after us.

GOD reaches out, He touches our mouth & He says,
Look! I’ve just put My words in your mouth—hand-delivered!
See what I’ve done? I’ve given you a job to do among others!

Our job is to pull up & tear down, take apart & demolish through prayer
And then start over, building & planting with His creative Word

Jeremiah 1:5-10

God knows the number of our hairs

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