We seek His presence

Politicians of Nations & Kingdoms are placed into power & operate by God’s appointment,

It is not by their own authority that they raise up in power.

It’s not their clever tactics in their campaigning nor is it their self aggrandizing lies & deception

Sure they devour each other in scheming for ascendency & popularity

They want to be in charge. They want to call the shots. They exploit. They ridicule.

They blame. They find fault. The stir up discontent. They want to extend their territory.

They want to raise in popularity. They want the polls to register in their favor.

We find this peculiar, since we think our present political scene is processed by political vote.

The problem is not who votes but who counts the votes. Are we victims then?

Nope, Gods sovereign purposes are & will is achieved.

He let’s various ones obtain power & wealth. It’s the mystery of His appointments.

Nations rise & fall. Diseases comes & then He leads us to healing. Wars continue.

In it all our God is working & would have us trust in Him & pray.

Even in our failures & feelings of overwhelming defeat & stretched emotions we seek His presence

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