Why doubt

Why would we ever feel doubt?

Would we ever come to a spot in life where we throw up our hands?

Then say inside, in our deep feelings:

We dont trust You; would we say that to God?

Are these the places where God becomes real?

Is this the spot where we stand barefoot by the burning bush of our life—as God’s Spirit—

Gently deals in our: will nots & our, I can’t’s?

Aren’t these our odd resistances?

God is real! Gods reality is infinitely above our reality

We feel the hurts, the bruise, the spots of defeat. The fears of coming disasters.

But God has His special touch, He moves in our sight, He brings His sound, His scent—

then we see the aching reality that God is more of a reality then we ourselves

all that’s around us that we thought was so impending & impactful is not anything really

but passing mist & shadows.

Yes it may seem Harder than it was ever meant to be & yet, the only way we could come

Whenever I find myself in the company of doubts, I know I am on Holy ground.

I want to take off my shoes & stand there for a while.

The ground starts to stink, it feels like muddy sludge,

There’s no way I’m going to let this feeling swallow me

This can’t take over

I do believe, God is always working. He’s doing in us,

He is working through & around us, all things together for our good

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