Get a grip

“The word meditate has the idea of being consumed or preoccupied with something.

The blessed person just can’t get God’s Word out of their mind. ..

They love God’s Voice

Worldly meditation seeks to empty the mind of everything,

biblical meditation seeks to fill the mind with the Word of God.

I read the book of Ephesians yesterday. It only takes about 5 min. To read it’s 6 chapters

I recalled reading about a person who read Ephesians 200 times.

That would take 16 hours. Not a lot of time.

The person said they read until they read until

they felt they had a grasp of what God’s Spirit is expressing

Then they read until what God is expressing had a growing grasp of them

According to that biblical definition of meditation we need to meditate more

Meditating is thinking,

Thinking takes time; thinking is work.

But thinking time is not wasted time

We need “deliberate meditations”

We have to find regular time each day for meditation

Being guided by God’s Spirit in finding a specific text or idea to meditate on

And staying on that one idea throughout the day –

We need to trust God in life’s situation & trusting in God’s providence,
we recognize, that God is the First Cause of everything.

And that by deepening our meditating on His Word we will hear His voice

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