Quarantine Possibilities

Go inside & shut the door behind you & your sons

2 Kings 4:4

The widow & her two sons were to be alone with God.

They were not dealing with the laws of nature,

They were not concerning with the politics of human government,

They were not focusing on religion around them

Actually they weren’t even dealing with God’s great prophet, Elisha.

They had to be isolated from everyone, separated from human reasoning,

They were removed from the natural tendencies to prejudge their circumstance.

They were to be as if cast into the vast expanse of starry space, depending on God alone—

They were to be in touch with the Source of all miracles.

This is an ingredient in God’s plan of dealing with us.

We are to enter a secret chamber of isolation in prayer & faith.

At certain times & places, God will build a mysterious wall around us.

He will take away all the supports we customarily lean on,

He will remove our ordinary ways of doing things.

God will close us off to something divine, completely new & unexpected,

This place that cannot be understood by examining our previous circumstances.

We will be in a place where we do not know what is happening,

where God is cutting the cloth of our lives by a new pattern & He causes us to look to Jesus.

Most of us lead a treadmill life—
a life in which we predict almost everything that will come our way.

But when God leads us into unpredictable & special situations
We’re being isolated to Him.

All we know is that God is holding us & He‘s dealing in our lives.

This is the spot, this isolation to Him, where our expectations come from Him alone.

Like this widow, we must be detached from outward things

We are attached inwardly to the Lord alone in order to see His wonders.

from Soul Food

It is through the most difficult trials that God often brings
the sweetest discoveries of Himself.

from Gems

God sometimes shuts the door & shuts us in,

That He may speak, perhaps through grief or pain,

And softly, heart to heart, above the din,

May tell some precious thought to us again.

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