Assailed with doubts

When we’re assailed by doubts & if we panic in
the storm’s raging threats. And we do doubt.
What do we do?

We know we shouldn’t give in to feelings of devastation.

We certainly shouldn’t choke in a sense of frantic inner fomenting.

Our faith isn’t gone, it’s just weak.

Doubt can master & even overwhelmed us.

When doubts attack we need to let Jesus master us

My friend Bill MacDonald wrote

“We shouldn’t doubt in the storm what was clear in the calm.
We shouldn’t stumble in the dark at what was perceptible in the light”

Clouds of confusion are always gathering in a billowing mass.

But the annoying frowns of others can be courageously ignored.

Really all these conspiracy angst are the gurgling of doubt.

Shouldn’t we be looking at the man who calms the sea’s storms.

Conspiracy is allows floating in the surface of each disruption.

But God has opened the door for the riff raft to have their day.

As Joseph reminds:

They mean it for evil
God means it for good

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