Give us this mountain & make the giants our portion

Caleb was so unafraid of the Giants that he actually requested Joshua

to appoint as his portion in the land of promise the mountain in which

they had their stronghold

Joshua 14:12–15

He was not dismayed by the fact that they were “men of great stature,”

He was unafraid by the fact that their cities were “great & fenced,”
so he overcame them without any strain.

We are all the time thinking of our failures. What a drab topic.

When we focus on our failure we pave the way for further failure.

Defeat is automatic if we are constantly contemplating defeat.

If we keep thinking there is no way through, that thought blocks the way through.

We are courageous only by keeping God’s promises in view.

We lack the faith that characterized Caleb.

We concentrate our thoughts on the intensity of our sufferings

We focus in on the insurmountable nature of our difficulties!

We are to not fear “the sons of Anak”

the giants that inhabit the land of promise

(giants always stand in the way, always)

We are “well able to overcome.” them.

How do we overcome?

Are we trusting in ourselves, or are you trusting in the Lord?

If we’re relying on ourselves, then the giants are strong & their cities are well fortified

If we’re relying on God, the question of human resources doesn’t even arise.

If we’re relying on God, there no ground for fear as victory is assured to all who put their trust in Him.

Caleb exhorted the people, saying: “the giants are bread for us.”

What is bread? Bread is something you eat.

Bread is something that brings increased strength.

Yes they were giants “men of great stature,”

but Caleb promised that they were food for us.

He honored God’s promises,

He despised the difficulties that stood in the way of realization of the promises.

We honor God when we lightly esteems all obstacles.

We humble ourselves before God & take our stand on God’s side.

Every time we meet a difficulty,

Every time we find ourselves in an impossible situation,

We can ask ourselves:

Are we going to starve here, or are we going to eat the food that is set before us?

We rely on the Lord for victory & let His overcoming life be manifested in us,

We find fresh nourishment & increased energy in accepting as “bread”
the giants that are blocking our progress.

Because Caleb accepted the giants as “bread” he had energy at the age of eighty-five.

When we have small difficulties, we become spiritually weak.

Maybe spiritual weakness is a sign of not eating up enough giants?

Spiritual Energy develops by overcome difficulty after difficulty, temptation after temptation;

Every difficulty & every temptation Satan puts in our way is food for us.

This is God’s appointed means of spiritual progress.

When we doubt God, the appearance of any great trouble strikes terror into our hearts

When we believe God, we say to all giants:

“Praise God, here is some more food!”

All our trials, without exception, are bread for us
as we accept one trial after the other, we are richly
nourished spiritually with a continuous increase of strength.

Give us this mountain & make the giants our portion

Adapted from Watchmen Nee

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