The Ear & the eye

He that planted the ear, shall He not hear?
He that formed the eye, shall He not see?

Psa. 94:9

Imagine the omniscient genius of a God who can create an eye!

The eye contains tens of millions of electrical connections.
It can handle one & a half million messages at once.
About eighty percent of all the knowledge we absorb comes through the eye.

When we look at an object, light passes through the lens of the eye & is brought
into correct focus on the retina.

Covering less than the space of an inch, the retina contains one hundred thirty-seven
million light-sensitive receptor cells—one hundred thirty million rods for black & white
vision & seven million cones for full color vision.

These rods & cones are part of an extremely complex system.
The tiny eye muscles move about one hundred thousand times
a day to bring objects into focus.

We would have to walk fifty miles a day to give our legs similar exercise!

Our omniscient, omnipotent God created our eyes & our ears & all our
other awesomely intricate human organs.

Of course, the singer of this psalm could not possibly know what we know
about the eye & the ear.

He knew enough, however, to attribute their creation to God.
And he was wise enough to make the logical connection.

Surely the God of such creative genius—
Our God who could invent & engineer the human ear & eye—
Yes, such a God can hear & see! Of course He can!

But we say, wait, God’s invisible! Will that’s the appeal of faith.

God is more of a reality then ourselves. God’s eternal. Our life is a vapor.

God’s eyes see all. God’s ears hear all.

If we look back at the 3rd verse of Psalms 94 the Psalmist laments the way
God is reacting to the way things are playing out in life.

Lord, how long shall the wicked, how long shall the wicked triumph?”

This is an age-old problem, one we see repeatedly in the psalms, one we find
stirring the hearts of the prophets.

It puzzles us & it hardens skeptics & agnostics in their unbelief.

Why do the wicked triumph?

Seemingly they do.

One of the significant things that Daniel tells us about the coming Antichrist
is that he will “make craft to prosper.”

It looks initially that everything he does is effective

“How long shall they utter & speak hard things?
And all the workers of iniquity boast themselves?”

The word translated “utter” is stronger than that.
It occurs eleven times in the Old Testament,
always in the poetical books & literally means “to belch out.”

The picture we conjure up is that of an active volcano erupting & spewing
out the sulphuric fumes, deadly lava & ash which seethe from the depths.

When Mount St. Helens in Washington erupted it threw a cubic mile of dirt
sixty thousand feet into the air.

Gigantic mud slides composed of melted snow mixed with volcanic ash were
driven by waves of super-heated gas, erupted out of the crater.

Clouds of hot ash made up of pulverized rock were belched twelve miles into
the sky to fall back like dirty snow all over the eastern part of the state of Washington
and in neighboring states.

Schools, factories, stores, offices, highways & airports were closed because of near
zero visibility.

The psalmist reminds the Lord that His enemies, the enemies of His people, are doing that.

They are belching out poisonous boasts & blasphemies.

We see the pandemic virus that just belched out like volcanic eruption all over the earth.

It covered everywhere. It closed down everything

“They break in pieces Your people, O Lord & afflict Your heritage.

They slay the widow & the stranger & murder the fatherless.”

The attack on the elderly & the unborn is undeniable in our present times

They do not hesitate to murder the weak, the defenseless, and even the stranger.

From the earliest times among the peoples of the Middle East hospitality to the stranger
was regarded as a solemn & sacred duty.

The guest was sacred & untouchable.

The stranger In my understanding would an unknown Guest
or as I see it all unborn children.

We live in an era of a slaughter fest of the unborn.

Their seen as a curse & pestilence when they are a blessing & our very life of the future

We see total disregard for code or custom, the ungodly are preying on the orphan

God rejectors are preying on the widow & the alien
all those least able to defend themselves.

“They think, THE LORD shall not see, neither shall the God of Jacob regard it.”

That was the ultimate travesty. They had degraded the true & living God,

So the psalmist cries, “Hasten, Lord!

Life, precious valuable lives, are being ravished—

God is being mocked & ridiculed.

Do we think that He’s going to sit idly by & tolerate all this!”

He that planted the ear, shall he not hear? he that formed the eye, shall he not see?

Psa. 94:9

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