Wood fighting

Following God’s destruction of the northern military coalition,
the Israelites will gather & burn enemy weapons for a period of seven years.

That means a formidable arsenal will be collected!

This ongoing task will save the Israelites from having to cut down forest trees
for firewood for this extended time (Ezekiel 39:10).

Firewood will become a precious commodity during the tribulation period,
for after the first trumpet judgment, one- third of the trees of the earth
will be burned up Revelation 8:7

Commentator William MacDonald suggests that the fact that the Israelites
“will not need wood from the field or the forest with which to make campfires
would seem to support the view that the abundant & abandoned weapons are
indeed made of wood.”

Perhaps these are old-fashioned weapons.

Recall that the first three & a half years of the tribulation period could be so
catastrophically destructive that people will need to utilize whatever weaponry
they can find, including weapons made of wood.

I recall, reading one writer who wrote the theorized that powerful lasers will be
in use that will melt all iron & steel weapons. Stone Age weapons will be in demand
The NRA will be the national bow & arrow association

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