It’s almost like Jesus prefers losers, cast-offs, and ne’er-do-wells.

Like He’s recruiting sinners, in fact.

God is prioritizing broken people from broken situations

to be His chosen emissaries to a broken world.

Which means that as weird & messy as our churches may be,

We are exactly suited to this weird & messy time we’ve found in our cultures.

Sure we’d all prefer to hang with cool people. You know hip type folks.

The churches now seem to predominantly want the young attractive look.

We want the cool name that sounds more progressive. (or at least, we think its cool).

We want newer hipper music.

We want a cool space to do cool things.

The traditional is out and the “old people” stuff, are you kidding

Will come on. That’s not the best face for growth strategy

Adapted from J. Wilson

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