Our weaknesses

Where we’re devastatingly weak.

When we’re exhausted,

Where we’re broken down and fragile.

When we appear to have an incurable disability.

Where our thoughts are toxically tainted,

There fill our mind with your truth.

When our soul is cluttered in duplicity

Where we feel artificial treachery,

Then purge us with Your integrity.

When we’re twisted by inappropriate unfitting habits,

Make us trustworthy and reliable.

When we’re polluted in our own waste,

make us pure.

When we’re shamefully unattractive & horridly repulsive.

Fill us with Your loveliness.

When our reputation is warped in scandal,

Where we’re disgrace and discredited.

Give us Your new name.

Keep us from notorious atrocities.

Replace our inadequacies with Your virtues.

Take our shame & disgrace and replace it

With Your glory and praise.

In the name Jesus

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