Does anger work

The wrath of man doesn’t work

the righteousness of God

James 1:20

Angry reaction never produce right results

Losing one’s temper can never achieve anything,

least of all the righteousness of God in our life.

If you get angry at me

you won’t gain a thing but losses

If I get angry at You

I won’t gain a thing but losses

We want what is right & profitable in our life

The only thing that’s right & profitable

Are God’s truth, God’s ways & God’s righteousness

Another way of saying it is

Two wrong don’t make a right

The first wrong is bad

The second wrong is actually worse

Jesus exemplifies “an eloquent silence.”

The Lord

could have opened Pilate eyes at his mock trial.

He could have opened the high priests & Pharisees eyes

when they scoffed Him & beat & spit on Him

He could have brought a flaming fire down on them.

He could have brought legion upon legion

of mighty angels, standing with swords drawn,

from the unseen world to materialize right before their eyes.

He might have told them of a throne,

high & lifted up beyond a billion teeming

galaxies in space.

He might have answered Pilate’s cynical question

“What is truth?”

by an exposition of all of the follies

of all of the philosophers of Athens & Rome.

What we’re seeing in our present culture will

changes nothing for the better but for the worse

We need the righteousness of God

Twisted perverted wickedness brings chaos

destruction, multiplied hatred & more bloodshed

All the appeasing virtue signaling
of it is foolishness

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