Having coffee with Jesus

Having close relationships with important individuals can give us an identity boost.

I look back on some of my name drops when I’m trying to impress someone.

It’s kind of gaudy & garish of me to pump my own importance by flashing impactful

and impressive names.

I’m really just attempting to promote & dial up my personal worth by assuming on

and embellishing it with others.

But what about talking up the one person that’s infinitely special & out of this

world extraordinary.

I didn’t actually meet Him by my own efforts but He reached out into the middle

of my ant like scurrying and pick my little insect self up to HIMSELF

Paul, this highly religious guy, writes a variety of self deprecating things in his

various compositions.

One of His stunning thoughts is:

“There is no one that seeks after God”

Romans 3:11

So, it is God who sought out us.

He called Abram while yet an idolater.

It is God who sought Jacob at Bethel when he was fleeing from the consequences

of his wrong doing.

It is God who sought Moses while a fugitive in Midian.

It is Christ who sought out the apostles while they were engaged in fishing,

Jesus abruptly points out

“You have not chosen Me, but I have chosen you.”

John 15:16

It is Christ who, in His ineffable, indescribable, inexpressible love, just keeps knocking

at our inner being for a meet up.

He comes to us, to seek & to save that which was lost. And He’s still do it constantly.

It is the Shepherd who seeks the sheep & not the sheep that seek the Shepherd.

“We love Him because He first loved us.”

1 John 4:19

There is not one biblical biography who can give themselves any credit

That they sought God, but instead, it was God who sought them.

And this how it works.

Jesus is the initiator in the relationships. Not only that, but He keeps reintroducing

Himself to us.

I guess we’re a bit forgetful of just how important He is to our lives.

So how does He get our attention.

How about blinding us with a bright light so that we fall over spell bound. (Paul)

How about swallowing us with a big fish in a storm at sea for 3 a day trip to the depths. (Jonah)

How about wiping out everything we have including our health, then turning our

friends against us. (Job)

How about destroying our country, capturing us, then driving us into a 700 mile grueling

death hike with ruthless captors and then for a grand finale having us thrown into a

monstrous blazing fireplace handcuffed. (shadrach meshach & abednego)

How about after faithfully being close to Jesus & responding to all of His meet ups for

70 plus years.

Suddenly Jesus decides He wants to meet for coffee. He taps you on the

shoulder & says this is how we’re going to have a special time together.

It will look like you’re going to be fed to a a bunch of hungry Lions.

I know it’s going to be stinky in that pit.

Don’t sweat it.

It will be our special hang out for the evening. (Daniel)

Jesus just keeps thinking up clever meeting spots.

Diseases, accidents, rejections, chaotic happenings, sleeplessness, heartaches,

physical disabilities, the list is extremely exhaustless.

Jesus loves hang outs that are very unusual.

It’s not your average meeting at Starbucks

But it’s worth it when we see Jesus.

Oh, just a piece of advice.

Don’t turn down the meet up

You’ll miss out if you do.

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