Songs of victory

And Hannah prayed & said,
My heart rejoices in the LORD,
mine horn is exalted in the LORD:
my mouth is enlarged over my enemies;
because I rejoice in Your salvation.

1 Sam. 2:1

Hannah poured out her heart in thanksgiving.

Her words reveal an in-depth knowledge of God,

Her expressions demonstrate that she was in awe of God’s amazing character,

Her soul exalts God’s incredible deeds

Her spirit shows her expectations that the Lord would be doing wonders for her.

Her prayer appears to be a rebuke of her husband Peninnah

for the many spiteful things he had said to Hannah,

but really her Spirit prompted prayer prophetically goes beyond this domestic squabble

She’s echoing forward 1000s of years to the triumph of Israel over her foes

and to the eventual reign of Christ.

This is resonated in Mary’s song, often called the Magnificat

Luke 1:46–55

which was obviously influenced by Mary’s knowledge of Hannah’s song.

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