Feast on Jesus

My wayward children says the LORD,

come back to me & I will heal your wayward hearts

Jeremiah 3: 22

The sound of voices drifting out of the hills

the unhappy sound of crying,

Israel lamenting the wasted years, when they never gave God a thought

Come back, wandering children! I can heal your wandering!

O Lord Drench us in Your vast love

Flood us with Your love that passes knowledge

Swallow us in Your love that is impossible to measure

Initiate a change of heart in us

Instill desire for a closer relationship with You

Keep us from hating correction. We read that is stupid

Proverbs 12.1

Give us a love for correction

Make our faith grow

whoever listens to counsel is wise

Proverbs 12.15

Open our ears & heart to Your wise advice

Lord, however You deal with us

whatever You take from us,

whatever You deny us of

Don’t deny us of feasting on Your beauty Lord Jesus!

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