The good in calamity

Calamities are God’s previews of what sin deserves

Calamity displays what will one day be received in judgment a thousand times worse.

They are warnings.

They are wake-up calls to see the moral horror

They are demonstrations of the spiritual ugliness of sin against God.

John Piper

These are emotional weeks.

Or maybe we can admit we’ve had an emotional life.

When we wake up at odd thoughts many times at night.

Maybe it’s physical pain that jars our rest.

Possibly it’s emotional pain.

Perhaps it’s stress of accumulating sorrows.

Can we shift our energies to how positive life is,

Is it feasible to adjust to how much joy everything brings as we‘re anticipating new challenges

How about the supernaturally protective experiences we actually have had & have

Actually we could have collapsed under a variety of happenings many times.

But we have new opportunities of hearing Our Lord’s special voice of uplifting

We have future prospects of claiming God’s incredible promises & asking for more of Him.

It’s a choice. We can be motivated even in the deepest negatives to gratitude;

Pain, bad news, sleeping less but asking for more & enjoying each result.

Knowing God is in control & that He’s in us, with us & all around us.

And He’s using everything for His glory. Not one thing is wasted. Not one thing…

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