Affliction is the dark soil in which is deposited the heavenly seed, that germinates,

and brings forth fruit to the glory of God.

Affliction is a furnace, in whose ardent flame the Refiner of souls

is consuming our human imperfections.

Affliction is a rod, under whose kindly chastisement the Father of Spirits

is educating us for immortality.

Affliction is a baptism, from whose cleansing wave believers in the Most High

come forth fit for the marriage-supper of the Lamb.

Affliction is a cup, whose bitter draught is administered by the good Physician

to purify our spiritual natures.

Affliction is a dark cloud, on which the God of covenant has painted the rainbow of hope,

and which He has irradiated with the halo of celestial glory.

Would we, then, bring forth much fruit?

Would we be purified of remaining imperfections?

Would we be trained for immortality?

Would we be fitted for the marriage-supper?

Would we be sanctified in your spiritual nature?

Would we be encircled in the bow of promise or adorned with the halo of glory?

We must needs suffer affliction; for “it is through much tribulation we must enter the kingdom.”

Unknown but we’ll known

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