Hear us

Hear our voices with Your ears, Lord!

Understand our cries to You!

Listen to our prayers’ voice, our King and our God,

We will pray to You! Lord, You will hear our voice early.

We will stand before You first thing of the day.

We will see that You are not a god who wills treachery,

You will refuse to allow the malignant to live beside You

You will not let the unfair endure before Your eyes.

You hate all who work treachery.

You will destroy all who speak fake deceptions and lies.

You Lord detest bloody and deceitful men.

But we will enter Your presence by Your mercies

We worship toward Your beauty, in Your fear.

Lord, lead us in Your fairness, because of our enemies!

Guide our outlook in Your way,

Truth isn’t in their mouth!

Their heart has no honest purpose.

Their throat is an open decaying grave.

They’ve acted deceitfully, we hear it in their words.

Make their ideas fail and make their lawlessness crash.

Drive them out.

Reveal how they’ve provoked You, Lord!

Let us, all of us, who hope in You be joyful in You.

Let us exult.

Live in us,

Let us glory in You

Let us delight in Your name.

Please bless us by Your grace, Lord,

Protect and shield us with Your crowning love.

Psalms 5 paraphrased

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