Our worries

We come before You today with a heart filled with concerns.

We’re concerned about our children

We’re concerned about their future.

We’re concerned about harm coming to them.

We’re concerned about our failings as parents.

We’re concerned about so many things.

We find ourselves consumed by our concerns.

Our burdens keep us up at night & we think about them all during the day.

So we come to You today because You are our Maker & Creator.

You know our frame, our weaknesses & our frailties.

You know our inward thoughts.

You know our sin & defeats

You know when a sparrow falls from the sky

You know the number of hairs on our head.

You know all things

You also rule over all things.

You are the King of Kings

You are the ruler of the universe.

You sustain all things

You by Your Word hold everything together.

You are not a distant ruler;

You are our Abba

You are our Father.

Through Christ, we have been adopted into Your family.

We have the privilege of coming before You and you hear us.

Because You are our Father,
You don’t want us to worry.

We know that when our burdens turn to worry

That this is sinful, because it keeps our heart distracted & turned from You.

Forgive us for worrying.

Forgive us for looking to our worries rather than seeking You.

Forgive us for all the ways that we seek to control everything we worry about.

Forgive us for trying to find peace in anything apart from You.

We know that you love us as much as You love Your Son, Jesus.

Help us to remember that & dwell on Your amazing love.

Help us to see just how much You love & provide for us

Help us to comprehend Your depths of Your love that gave us your Son.

Help us to look at & truly see all the ways that You watch over

Help us to see Your care for us and
our family.

Help us to rejoice in Your amazing compassion & to give You thanks.

Hear our prayer today

Listen to every burden that’s in our hearts.

We entrust them into Your hands,

We know that You will do what is good and right and best, for You are a good Father.

Take all our burdens Lord Jesus & give us Your peace in return.

A prayer excerpt from Sufficient Hope

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