Nothing adds up

To say the world we live in ‘doesn’t add up’ is a pretty accurate description.

Hardly a day passes but we ask why this or that has happened,

So why it has happened? Why now? Why is it lasting?

This is what Ecclesiastes meant by saying ‘all is vanity’

How do we explain the world & what happening in it?

It’s like trying to grab a handful of wind!

We know that a higher wisdom than ours rules all.

A more complete justice than we can bring to bear.

An almighty power is having His way.

There is a total love, beyond our understanding, that is directing everything, parceling out experiences, determining times and seasons.

Is there a logical description of things for the unbelieving mind?

What are we to think when nothing around us ‘adds up’?

We have the Tower of Babel in Genesis 11

We have the United Nations striving to make a safe world.

We want our surroundings organized, neat, unified & fortified against threat.

We pray for ‘kings & all in authority that we might lead a quiet & peaceable life

1 Tim. 2:2

But we have the evil one & his minions, Satan sowing weeds in the best soil.

Our human endeavors for peace are suddenly literally explosive.

Our security is not in human organization nor national strength nor personal insurance policies & sound banking,

Our assurances & assumptions are not in our ability to ‘explain’

Everything is only in the hand of Jesus, enfolded in the hand of the Father

John 10:28

Adapted from some thoughts of Moyter

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