God hears

Guilt Hinders Prayer Psalms 66:18

“If I regard iniquity in my heart, the Lord will not hear me.”

To regard is to be an observer. It’s like sitting in the grandstands. We need to get up out of our seat, go down on the field & get in the conflict

God convicts us about sin in our life. We can’t sit there as observers embracing our flaws & sins. Are failures aren’t things we cherish and indulged, unconfessed.

Deal with it in prayer. Acknowledge, admit and confess.

God Hears Prayer Psalms 66:19

But yes God hears us; He has attended to the voice of our prayer.

When the roadblocks of our guilt are removed, prayer is not hindered by hypocrisy and the throne of grace is all ears, God hears!

He is always more ready to hear than we are to come. When the prodigal returned the Father jumped up, ran to His son & fell on his neck with kisses. What a picture of God’s joy at our voice.

Grace Helps Prayer Psalms 66:20

“Blessed be God, which has not turned away our prayer, nor His mercy from us.”

“Mercy” “lovingkindness” “grace.” All God’s dealings are in love

This is to the chief Musician.” It is “on Neginoth.”

Neginoth means with smitings.

God is well able to smite all our fears and all our foes!

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