Send My Roots Rain

You are just, Lord, and if I argue with You; but, please,
I’m certain what I plead is just.

Why do sinners’ ways prosper?
Why do I face Disappointment?

Why does what I attempt to accomplish fail?
Are You my enemy, O You my friend,

How could this get worse?
I wonder, than Why do sinners’ ways prosper?

Why do I feel Defeated and why do You thwart me?
Oh, the habitual addictions and tyrannical clutches of lust?

Time flies by. I spend but don’t thrive,
So much of life appears purposeless.

There are constant impediments and obstacles
The jungle of thickets are thick! laced they are again
With fretty briars and thistles,

The wind shakes and is unrelenting
Not even a small bird can build here;
Everything is a strain,

I feel frustrated and fruitless,
O Lord give Your life,
And send my roots rain.

Adapted from Gerard Manley Hopkins

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