We trust in You

Please be merciful to us, Your our Father & God,

Fear comes from all around

We get scared at the slightest.

We’re scared right now.

Save us from ourselves,

Save us from from all who attack us

We’re surrounded by odd situations

we feel set up by sneaky people

We thought they were friendly

We thought we were in their favor

But it’s always about them

They make themselves feel or look better at our expense.

Remind us when we are afraid to trust in You

We hold to each word You say to us

We are trying to trust You

Instead of fearing what others might do to us.

Don’t let others–
those who would harm us
those that attack our character
those that put a stain on our reputation,

They are sneaky,
They are snoopy
They are spying
They want to trip us up
They gloat over us
They twist our words.

Defend us from them, Lord God; trip them up.

We know, yes we admit we’re complaining,

Please hear us;

You’ve said we need to seek You

You’ve told us to cry out to You

Gather in each tear that drops from our heart

Wipe all our sorrows away.

Turn on our enemies and come to our needs

Give us Your Love

Give us Your assistance

We need You

We call for help.

We know that You are for us

Your Words, each one is precious to us

We will try to trust You

We will refuse to fear what others are trying to do to us.

Help us to keep our eye on You, O God;

We owe you infinitely more than our gratitude can express,

You have delivered us time after time, over and over

You catch us when we trip,

Help us walk in Your light

Keep us out of the dark shadows

You are the light of our life.

Psalm 56 paraphrased

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