What about our unbelief

What happens if some don’t believe?

Does their unbelief make the faith of God ineffective?

Rom. 3:3

Does our faithlessness cancel God’s faithfulness?


God keeps His Word even when everyone is lying through their teeth.

His word stands

Our Rejection doesn’t faze God.

But every scrap of our sorrow is unbelief.

Our joy is found in the faith that our past is forgiven.

Our joy is found in God’s enabling power

Our joy is found in our bright hope of our future with God

No one can change our joy.

When we stagger at Gods promise through unbelief,

we don’t enjoy the promise

Faith doesn’t merit an answer

Faith doesn’t in any way earn anything

But God, makes believing a condition of receiving

God the Giver has a sovereign right to choose His own terms of His gifts.

Samuel Hart.

Unbelief says

“How can such and such things be?”

Unbelief is full of “hows”

But faith, has one great answer to the 1000s of “hows,” and that is GOD!

C. H. M.

Praying accomplishes so much with so little

Our Lord Jesus Christ says pray


and the history of the world will be changed.

Why not be that person?

The Prayer of faith brings Omnipotence to our petitions.

When prayer is breathed, earth & heaven, the past and the future,
say Amen.

Christ prayed such prayers.

P. C. M.

“Nothing lies beyond the reach of prayer
except that which lies outside the will of God.”

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