NOBODY gets by with anything.

God is on the scene in every situation

God is active as we pray & trust Him to work

God’s sword is honed on His whetstone,

God’s bow is strung & His arrow is on the string,

The Lords Lethal weapons are in hand,

and each arrow is a flaming missile.


It’s goofed up to think we can get away with anything,

We end upside down swollen with evil.

Lies are oozing out of every pore!

See them shoveling day after day on their own grave,

they think their concealing their boozed up lechery

Their headed to a big trap

Check it out!

Their headfirst, legs waving in the breeze.

It’s just what happens: mischief always backfires;

violence always boomerangs.

We’re thanking God, who makes things right.

We’re adoring God …

He makes things right!

Psalm 7:11-17 Paraphrased

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