Slander is God’s soap and Adversity is His scrub brush

Out of no where

It’s all out of control

weird stuff starts to happen:

Strange people show up.

Odd disruptive circumstances

Icky nonsense presses in on us.

Everything looks to be falling apart!

O dear God,

won’t you take care of us?

We’re helpless

This vandal horde is attacking us.

We don’t know what to do;

we’re looking to You.

2 Chron. 20:10-12 paraphrased

Is God actually allowing

brash, cocky people to attack us?

Why does Insolence

surround each of our steps

Why are people haranguing us
with their condescending
abrasive remarks?

Why would He let people attack us?

Why would He put icky individuals
in our lives who beat us down
with false accusations?

We hear the ringing in our ears

We have their grinding continual attacks

Their guilting us

Their derision is falling all around us
like a deluge of drenching rain.

We feel exhausted,

We feel paralyzed and lifeless.

We ache with loneliness,

We feel our failure

We feel their rejection.

But we listen to You

We know our life of faith consists
in letting things alone.

We can trust in You God,
we must keep our hands off it;

We know you will guard us

Rest in the Lord,

wait patiently for Him:

fret not because of those who prosper in their way,

Don’t worry because of those who
bring twisted devices to pass.

Things may seem to be going all wrong,

but God knows as better then we

God knows what’s best;

God will intervene in the right moment as we trust Him.

We need to let Him work in His own way and time.

There is nothing so relaxing as
inactivity in some things,

and there is nothing so damaging as restless working,

for God has undertaken to work His sovereign will.“

Adapted from A. B. Simpson.

“Being perplexed, we say,
Lord, make it right!
Night is as day to You,
Darkness as light.

We are afraid to touch
things that involve so much;
Our trembling hand shakes,
Our skilless hand may break;
But You make no mistakes.’

“Being in doubt we say,
`Lord, make it plain;

Which is the true, safe way?
Which would be gain?
We’re not wise to know,
Nor sure of foot to go;
What is so clear to You,
Lord, make it clear to us!’ “

It is such a comfort to drop the tangles of life into God’s hands and leave them there.

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