Who are we following

After this a lot of his followers left. They defected and turned away from following Jesus

They no longer wanted to be associated with Him.

Jesus in the estimation of the mobs was a narrow supremacist.

How could anyone be so bigoted as to claim they were the only way, the only truth and the only life?

Then Jesus asked His Twelve closest followers: “Do you also want to leave?”

Peter replied, “Master, to whom would we go?

You have the words of real life, eternal life and revolutionary emancipating life.

Your voice is the only voice that creates something out of nothing!

Your voice is the only voice that forgives are raunchiness and ugly sin!

Your voice is the only voice that heals every problem!

We’ve already committed ourselves,

And we’re confident that you are the Holy One of God.”

Jesus has handpicked us don’t turn and betray Him

John 6:66-70 paraphrased

Really, where do you plan on turning?

Do we want to go to Buddha or Confucius or Mohammed or Krishna?

Do we want to listen Darwin or Marx or Lenin or Dr Festus Fauci,

Bill Gates & the swampy lagoon creeps?

Do you want to follow Plato or Philo or Marcus Aurelius?

Should we follow the fake news pundits

Should we follow all the world’s false religions & the lifeless sophistries

Should we follow the pagan philosopher, or the modern proponents of

today’s humanistic creeds & tranny travesties?

In Joshua 24 the question is posed:

So now: Fear GOD.

Worship Him in total commitment. Adore Jesus and find in Him your all.

Get rid of the gods your ancestors worshiped on the far side of The River (the Euphrates) and in Egypt.

Worship GOD.

Laud and magnify the Lord with every fiber of our being & with every breath.

“If you decide that it’s a bad thing to worship GOD,

then choose a god you’d rather serve-and do it today.

As for me and mine, we’ll worship GOD.

GOD is our God! …

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