Get in tune

Giving thanks always
for all things unto God

Eph. 5:20

No matter what the source of the evil,
if we’re in Christ
We’re surrounded by Him
all evil has to pass through Him
before it comes to us.

Therefore we can thank God
for everything that comes,
not for the sin of it,
but for what God will bring out of it
and what Jesus will do through it.

God make our lives thankful

Jesus express in us perpetual praise

Make everything a blessing through
Your Spirit

We see negative things.

We look & can’t make sense of it.

It’s all irregular.

It’s all confusing.

But the end of it all can bring a wonderful resonance in us

As we:

Praise God from whom all blessing flow

Praise Him all creature here below

There are many negatives in our lives

We can’t understand why they are there

We can’t comprehend why God permitted them to come.

We let You Lord into our lives

We adjust the negativity to the why

We seek the boundaries You want

We separate from all that reject You

We know out of the negatives You will make a glorious harmony.

Keep us from hindering You in Your glorious work!

C. H. P.

We owe the grandeur of our lives
to our tremendous difficulties.

C. H. Spurgeon

When the musician presses
the black keys on the piano,

the music is as sweet as when
the white ones are touched

but to get the full capacity of each instrument He must touch them all


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