The dilemma of anarchy

We are experiencing pockets of anarchy

Anarchy is a society without government or law.

Anarchy is political & social disorder due to the
absence of or removal of civic municipal control

Anarchy is a lack of obedience to any authority
whether police, punitive or political

Anarchy is insubordination, defiance and revolt

Anarchy is confusion and disorder

There is Intellectual Anarchy the rejection of wisdom

There is moral anarchy the rejection of morality

There is spiritual Anarchy the rejection of God

There is physical anarchy the destruction of others

But the consequences of Anarchy bring


Therefore will they eat of the fruit of their
own way and be filled with their own devices

Please Father cause those who are twisting justice
and destroying peace to have their violent revolts
to collapse in on them


For the turning away of the simple will slay them
and the prosperity of fools will destroy them

We know Father that you’ve allowed Satan and his
hordes of demons to infect and control those who
reject You now

They done it for thousands and thousands of years.

We understand this is the mystery of iniquity

This is the enigma of corruption

This is the dilemma of anarchy

We read You have allowed these vessel of lawlessness,
disorder, chaos, riot and pandemonium to fill up at
During various seasons in the history of this world.

And then you’ve raised up authoritative rulers and
special leaders to bring some degree of peace and
prosperity along with justice and equity

We know through the voice of Your prophecies that
when this scene, as we now know it, will be finally let
loose and be given over to extreme turmoil,
upheaval and devastating annihilation

We look to You to blend with Your will,

To trust in Your purposes and loving timing.

You are good and we trust in You

If we are looking into the prism of the end of all

We rest in Your loving hands for Your deliverance


But those who listen to God will live
safely & will be quiet from fear of evil.

Keep us listening always

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