I’m calling the police

Someone scorned me about calling the Police on them.

Actually I’ve never called the Police on them

Not that I wouldn’t

But I do call the Chief of Police multiple times day & night

on them and many others.

The amazing thing about those calls is the Chief
makes me feel so special

I’m never placed on hold!

I’m made to feel like I’m the only one

This Chief is Supreme but he reaches through
the line and pulls me up close to Himself

He makes me feel comfortable and loved

He shares His rich joys and soothing peace with me

He feeds me a gourmet feast smack dab
in the midst of my enemies

What treat to delight in His presence

My batteries never drain but are charged
with eternal energy

Suddenly I realize I never want to get off the line
with Him

The call is never dropped but engaged with
amazing assurances and hope

Suddenly I’m catapulted into a sense of strong capacities

I realize I’m binding evil forces and casting out fallen angels

I realize I’m dispatching the armies of God’s powerful
Angels to pull down, lift up and release the captives

Now that’s a holy police force

Move aside robin and batman

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