Seeing Him Who Is Invisible

There is no patience so hard as that that endures,

“as seeing Him who is invisible;”

This is the waiting for hope.

As George Matheson so aptly noted

Jesus has made waiting beautiful

Jesus has made patience divine

Jesus has taught us that the Father’s will can be received just because it is His will

Jesus has revealed that a soul can see nothing but sorrow in the cup

And yet refuse to let that cup go,

Jesus has convinced by His supreme supernatural example
that the eye of the Father sees further than our own eye.

Give us this Divine power that You have, Lord Jesus,

Give us the power of Your Gethsemane

Give us the power to wait for hope itself,

Give us the strength to look out from the windows where there are no stars.

Give us Your power, when joy is gone, to stand unconquered amid the night

Give us the vision to see “the eye of our Father is shining still,”

As one inspired has said

“We will reach the climax of strength

when we have learned to wait for hope”

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