The good wine

“Every man at the beginning

sets out good wine;

and when men have well drunk,

then that which is worse:

but You have kept

the good wine until now.”

John 2: 10.

Are our pleasures of this life past

Was the best wine given

at the beginning. In our youth

No, where Christ is active in us

the best wine is kept until the bed

Apart from God it‘s the worst

With Jesus

We have His empowering

We have His creative energies

into each step of life,

Maybe we’re old and weak

Maybe we stagger in our steps

But leaning on Jesus always

the best keeps happening

until we lifted in His endless end.

He makes every thing beautiful

in His time:

He has set eternity in our heart,

no one can find out the work

that God makes

from the beginning to the end.

Ecc. 3:11

All the good God is doing in our lives

is limitless and incalculable.

He works all things together

for good to us who love God.

He has kept the best wine until now

and now keeps getting better.

Adapted unknown

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