Trouble excite prayer

“Trouble excites prayer,

prayer brings deliverance,

deliverance produces praise”

John Newton

We love You God

You listen to us

You listens as we beg for mercy.

You listens so intently

as we lay out our case to You.

Death stares us in the face,

Hell is hard on our heels.

We’re up against it,

We don’t know which way to turn;

But we’ve called out to You God

We constantly need Your help

Please, God !”

We’re crying now.

“Save our life!”

God Your so gracious—

God, You make things right,

God Your compassion is so perfect

God, please take our side

in our helplessness;

God please lift us up

We feel we’re at the end of our rope,

God You’ve saved us every time.

We say to ourselves,

“Relax and rest.

God You’ve showered us

with blessings.

We say to ourselves,

Soul, you’ve been rescued

from death;

Eye, you’ve been rescued

from tears;

Foot, you’ve been kept

from stumbling.

We’re striding forward with You

in You presence God ,

We’re alive

in the land of the living!

We’re full of faith

In Your faithfulness,

though at moments we’re bedeviled,

though a ton of bad luck creeps

us out

We admit that we cringe Lord

at the human race,

And In Despite of giving up

And saying

“They’re all liars and cheats.”

We can trust You

We can trust Your solutions

We can relax in Your purposes

as weird as everything appears

around us

We give You

Gratitude and praise

You’ve filled us with blessings

You’ve poured into our life richly

We’ll lift high our cup of salvation

up to You

We’re awed by You God!

We’ll pray in Your name God

We’ll stick with You Lord

You’re promises are incredible.

You’re love is unimaginable

You’re grace is astonishing

Oh, God, here we are,

set us free for You!

Psalm 116:1-18 personalized

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