Give us a vision of You

“There’s never a complete

silence in our soul.

God is whispering to us


When the sounds of the

world die out in our soul,

or the noise sinks low,

we can hear the

whisperings of God.

He is always whispering

to us,

only we don’t hear,

because of the noise,

hurry and distraction

which life causes

as it rushes on.”

F. W. Faber.

“Where there is no vision,

the people perish.”

Prov. 29:18

Where there is no revelation,

If we’re not listening

If we’re not hearing

we will refuse

the restraints of life

But real blessing is for

those who listen

and pay attention

to wisdom’s instruction

and the restraint that

God brings into our lives.

There’s a variety of

restraints God allows

in our lives.

Are we listening to

Him through them.

Do we need bigger

restraints to hear Him

and get a vision of God?

His power to change us

is in seeing Him

and getting a vision of Him.

But with no vision

and no attentive listening

the increasing restraints

will crush us.

Those who remain

stiff-necked after many

rebukes will suddenly

be destroyed—

without remedy.

When the righteous thrive,

the people rejoice;

when the wicked rule,

the people groan.

Prov. 29:1-2


is necessary

in order to hear Him,

In order to see Him,

In order to have a

vision of Him.

The time element of

a vision is essential.

Our hearts are like

a sensitive photographer’s


and in order to have

God revealed in us,

we must sit at His feet

a long time.

Of course we’re in the instantaneous realm

of the digital phenomena

where all is instant

and split second.

But God works

according to His timing

and our willing attentiveness.

We need listen to know

how His timing is working

in our lives to get us quiet

and restful to see God.

There is power

in the sight of Him

that affects our life.

A vision of God

transforms our life.

Jacob saw God at

Jabbok’s ford,

and became Israel.

The vision of God

transformed Gideon

from a coward

into a courageous soldier.

The vision of Christ

changed Thomas

from a doubting follower

into a loyal

and dedicated disciple.

William Carey saw God

and left his shoemaker’s

bench and went to India.

David Livingstone saw God

and left all to follow Him

through the jungles of Africa.

He wants the ears of our heart


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