He leads

Jesus says:

My sheep hear My voice

and they follow Me.

John 10:27

Do we follow our Lord

without hesitation?

Jesus has a right to lead us

wherever he pleases.

We are not our own,

we are bought with a price—

The soldier follows his captain,

The servant obeys his master,

We follow our Redeemer,

We are His

We are a purchased possession.

We are not real if we resist His voice

He is our Leader and Commander.

Submission is our duty,

ignoring Him is foolish.

Our Lord said to Peter

“What is that to you? Follow me.”

Wherever Jesus lead us,

He goes in front of us.

If we don’t know where we go,

at least we know He goes with us.

With Him as our companion,

there’s no worries

The journey may be long,

but his everlasting arms

will carry us to the end.

The presence of Jesus

is the assurance

of eternal salvation,

because He lives, we live also

by His abundant life

He breaths into us.

We follow Christ in faith.

The path He leads us on

is lush with His glory

It might not be a smooth path—

there are sharp rocks of trials,

but they lead to the city

that has infinite foundations

and is constructed

by our perfect carpenter.

“All the paths of the Lord

are mercy and truth.”

We trust in our Leader

and we know that,

whether It’s prosperity

whether it’s adversity,

whether it’s sickness or health,

whether popularity or contempt,

that His purpose will work out,

and His plan is pure,

unmingled good is in His hand

He fills us with His mercy.

It’s actually sweet to go up

the bleak side of the hill

with Christ;

and when rain and snow

blow into our faces,

His tender love fills us

with His blessing.

Those who stand

and warm their hands

at the world’s fire

miss His riches.

He may lead us up a rugged

mountain peak,

or in to the den of lions,

or to the hills of wolves,

but we will follow our lover

and protector of our souls.

Jesus our loving shepherd leader,

He draw us with His voice,

and we run after Him

in confidence.

Adapted from Spurgeon

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