Beauty for ashes


“As we watch tragic events unfolding,

or more particularly as we experience adversity in ourselves,

we often are prone to ask You; O God, ‘Why?’

The reason we ask is because we do not see

any possible good to us or glory to God that comes

from the particular adverse circumstances

that have come on us or our loved ones.

But God’s wisdom—and God’s glory

Is more eminently displayed

in bringing good out of calamity than out of random blessing

As Bridges notes:

“The wisdom of the chess player is displayed

more in winning over a capable opponent than over a novice.

The wisdom of the general is displayed more

in defeating a superior army

than in subduing an inferior one.”

God’s wisdom is displayed when He brings good to us

and glory to Himself out of confusion and calamity

rather than out of pleasant times.

We have an enemy, the Devil, [who] ‘prowls around

like a roaring lion looking for someone to devour’

1 Peter 5:8

He wants to sift us like wheat as he did Peter

Luke 22:31

We love You Lord Jesus

We will not curse God as You bring tests and trials

As you allow the ravages of disease,

As You press us with heartache, and disappointment

You only God are able to take all of these elements—

the bad as well as the good—and make full use of every one.

As we face these fiends of hellish plans.

When the ogres of violence and murder oppress

As the demons of disfigurement and deception appear to control world media

Do Your supernatural miraculous work together for good.

Bring Your beauty out of ashes

Turning all the forces of evil that rage against us into good and blessing

Give us Joy in our sorrow

Transform our crippled maimed disfigurements into dancing of ecstasy

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