It’s never the wrong time to pray

Prayer impulses are good.

It’s not like Satan is directing us

to call out to God

The demonic strategy is resting

in our selfishness

Our flesh leads us in self-reliance

Self doesn’t say

“I should pause now and pray”

You feel, “I should pray”

Then do it

No matter what the

“cosmic battle that’s raging

within our heart and mind.”

Yield to every prayer impulse

We ought to pray.

Dive into every opportunity

to pray.

Never resist the urge to pray.

Bathe every moment in prayer.

“pray without ceasing.”

Never resist those urges to pray,

joyfully respond to every impulse.

This is the work of Christ’s Spirit

This is ‘Working out our salvation

with fear and trembling,

for praying is God working in us

both to will and to do of His

good pleasure’

Phil 2:12-13

never resist praying,

never postpone praying,

never push prayer aside

Give yourself to prayer,

yield to prayer

Listen to God’s constant call

to prayer

This impulse is not a distraction

always respond immediately,

Cry out to God

Ask Jesus that prayer

happens to us frequently.

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