Evil will fail

For they intended evil against you

they imagined

a mischievous device

which they are not able

to perform.

Psalms 21:11

Christ rejectors are united over

one thing—

get rid of God

obliterate Christ

Erase or redefine God’s Word

destroy every person on the planet

who dares to acknowledge Jesus

in any way.

The beast will inaugurate

the great tribulation,

this is a planned attempt

to exterminate God

to eliminate Jesus

to eradicate Christ’s Spirit

to extricate the Bible

to extinguish all who have

Faith in God through Christ

believers once and for all.

Be exalted, Lord,

in Your own strength;

so will we sing and praise

Your power.

Psalms 21:13

Jesus reigns in His strength:

All God’s power

Is absolute,
Is unhindered,
Is unequalled

And is given to Jesus

All the power of

heaven and earth.

Jesus is the only Person

who can be trusted with

All power

and He wields His power

in such a way that this

sobbing planet will be

transformed for His glory

Evil will be defeated

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