Only Wait

When they came to the border of Mysia, they tried to enter

Bithynia, but the Spirit of Jesus would not allow them

Acts 16:7

What a strange thing for the Lord to prohibit them,

they were going to do good things!

And the door was shut by Christ’s Spirit.

There are times we experience a shut door.

We’re flat interrupted in what we think is the right direction.

Opposition blocks us, or sickness lands in our lap and we’re

isolated by a need to recuperate. It’s difficult to wait.

At times we have to stop, sit and reconsider and give ourselves

to praying recluse. Isolation frustrates but it must be used to

advantage as ineffective and diverse as it feels.

Father, we crave Your direction so please lead us.

Our opportunities we thought were developing have at times

fizzled into disappointment. Death of a vision wraps it’s morbid

tentacles pulling us down.

We thought the door was open but it slammed in our face.

Teach us to see Your open doors

Help us hear. We’re so deaf.

Inspire us with Your creative options,

Help us stay still, and wait patiently at Your throne.

As George Matheson wrote:

Teach us the power of Your “gentle whisper”

1 Kings 19:12

I will not complain that sometimes the Spirit allows us to delay

and linger. We can’t understand.

Father’s lead,

At times it seems to be a hard and cruel fate,

Let us hear Your “gentle whisper” ever pleading,

God is working,

God is faithful,


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