Jesus assured us:

“You have nothing to fear

as long as you put

your trust in Me.”

Mark 5:36

Faith and fear are polar opposites

Fear pulls in one direction

Faith pulls in a different direction.

Fear hits us and “shiver me timbers”

utter desolation and despair

sweeps over our face

We emote:

Our little girl is dead!

It’s a haunting aching desperation

it’s totally all over!

Death, desolation, dejection.

Our daughter is no more.

All what was left was the funeral

and an empty chair at the table,

an empty bed in the corner,

an empty house,

and an empty heart.

Nobody can raise the dead.

When you’ve been to

too many funerals.

You know the hollow haunt.

When there is life, there is hope.

Now there was nothing.

Who can change what death does?

There’s miracles in the Bible?

There’s great stories about

raising the dead,

restoring new life,

turning things around.

Daniel in the lions’ den.

The 3 overcoming the intense

holocausts of intense flames.

But that’s the Bible times.

That was a long long time ago.

Can miracles happen now?

But why not? What are the odds?

Does Jesus heal?

Does Jesus recreate?

Does Jesus change the afflicted

Does Jesus irradiate an incurable

disease that’s distorted for years?

Does Jesus remove horror?

Does Jesus heal bitter loses?

Does Jesus pour in love

Where there’s devastating hatred?

Fear deafens us to faith!

We can’t hear the Spirit’s

whispering life giving enabling,

We can’t see God’s power,

We miss Jesus renewing

energetic healing!

But no!

Fear has gouged away faith

in even Jesus!

Desperation deafens us to His

living touch.

Our daughters, our sons, all that

we live for and love have been


Jesus, what! O come on,

could Jesus do anything now.

Dead. It’s all dead.

Jesus see’s our struggle

He reads it in our face.

He feels our despairing sorrow.

What’s He whisper

“Be not afraid,”

is He really saying that?

Don’t let fear petrify us!

“only believe.”

“Our faith makes us whole,”

Get a fresh grip on it,


Look at Jesus and believe Him.

He’s greater than Moses,

He’s greater than Elijah,

He’s greater than Elisha,

He’s greater than Daniel

He is here

He is able

He controls everything

Our Lord Jesus performs wonders

Our Lord Jesus performs miracles

Our Lord Jesus transforms our


Our Lord Jesus changes our


Jesus eradicates

our fatalities
our damages
our deficits

Things are falling apart in our life

Years of aches, pains, devastating

losses, rejections have robbed us

Jesus will perform His mightiest


He’s embracing us even now

He takes our corpse and breaths

in His faith.

Like the 3 faithful men in the

Fires of holocaust in

Nebacanezzars furnace


His greatness and power,

removes our personal grief

Everything that destroys us

Everything that distorts our freedom

Everything that challenges us.

Jesus comes in

He speaks the word

He renews, restores, reinvigorates,

recovers, repairs, reconstructs

and revives!!!

Just Believe

Just Believe

He’s here. He’s walking with us.

He’s living in us!!!

Just believe💜💜💜

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