We walk by faith

We walk by faith,

not by appearance

2 Cor. 5:7

Dont look at our feelings.

Self wants us to;

Satan wants us to.

God wants us to face facts,

not feelings;

The facts of Christ

The facts of His finished


The facts of His perfect work for us,

The facts of Him in us

The facts of Him all around us.

When we face these precious facts,

When we believe them

because God says they are facts,

God will take care of our feelings.

God never gives feeling

to enable us to trust Him;

God never gives feeling to

encourage us to trust Him;

God never gives feeling

to show that we have already

and utterly trusted Him.

We trust Him apart from all feeling,

We rest on His amazing Word,

We lean on His faithfulness

to His promises.

Then His feelings

(which are from Him)

come through His faithfulness;

God will give us the feeling

of His incredible presence,

according to the measure

of our faith in His love

And He gives

He said He’s a giver

How are we existing right now

How are we breathing right now.

Because He’s giving us breath

Because He’s giving us life

These are God’s facts.

Our feelings are as uncertain

as shifting sands.

God’s facts are as certain

as the Rock of Ages,

Christ is the same yesterday,

today and forever.

When darkness veils His lovely face

We rest on His unchanging grace;

In every high and stormy gale,

Our anchor holds within the veil.

I sought the Lord

And He heard me

And delivered me from all my fears

We cry!

How are they increased

that trouble us

Many there be

that rise up against us

Many there be that say:

Gods not going to help us

But You God

are our protective powerful Shield

But You God are our glory

You are our praise

But You God are the lifter

of our head

We seek You

We hunger and thirst for You

Fill us with Yourself!!!

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