Guide us in wisdom

Great study in 1 Samuel 16-18 this morning with the guys

We always have predators in our life.

They pop up like tireless weeds on the ground around our feet

David said he was equipped to deal with this 10 foot giant Goliath

because he’s handled a bear and a lion in God’s strength

One of the guys recalled chasing a bear out of his yard with no clothes on

We need to deal with our predators stripped of ourselves and

clothed in God’s wisdom

clothed in Christ’s righteousness

clothes in The Spirit of power

David in 1 Sam. 18

Behaved himself wisely

Behaved himself wisely in all his ways

Behaved himself very wisely

Lord help us to be wise, to be wise in all our ways and to be very very wise

in these weird times of an avalanche of predators and giants stalking our

every move.

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