God protects and provides

Does God ever get tired of

helping us?

Does God ever get tired of

delivering us?

Does God ever get tired of

meeting our incessant needs

Does God ever get tired of devising

solutions for our endless problems?

We attract trouble like a powerful magnet

We multiply problems like an incurable epidemic.

Are we on a perpetual path of

self detonation

Every day we’re victims of an

identity implosion

Our external pressure badger us

Our internal pressure boggles us

Job felt unutterably wretched

as he sweltered in an ocean of

misery and drifted in a sea of


He cursed his very existence

and accepted that the only

reprieve was to be washed up

and rot on a forgotten shore.

Where is God?

Is He impersonal and aloof,

Is He an uncaring force,

Does He reject and tortured

all imperfections.

Or Is He personal and intrinsically

involved in each minute detail

of our daily existence.

Paul wrote:

“We are troubled on every side,

but not distressed.”

It’s not the water outside a vessel,

that sinks it; but the water that

gets in.

Greater is He that is in you

than he that is in the world.

God is our father and is place

as our father He is our originator.

Of his many originations he is

the father of mercy.

Mercy is describe as the action

of not giving us what we deserve.

“It is of the Lord’s mercies

that we are not consumed”

God’s mercy is unfailing Lam 3:22

God’s mercy is manifold Neh 9:19

God’s mercy is tender Ps 25:6

God’s mercy is great Num 14:19

The Bible frequently speaks of

the “multitude of God’s mercies”

the supply is inexhaustible.

God’s mercy is inviting

Ps 5:7

God’s mercy is according to

His kind love Ps 51:1

God’s mercy is sensitive

Ps 69:13,16

God’s mercy is exhaust-less

Ps 106:7,45

God’s mercy is unfailing

Lam 3:32

Is this a rational question

“does God care”

He is the originator of all care,

He is the source of all comfort,

He is the ocean of all love,

He is in fact the creator of


As James 1:17 tells us:

Every good gift and every perfect

gift is from above, and comes down

from the Father of lights,

with whom is no variableness,

neither shadow of turning.

No shadow of turning means

He’s always at high noon

He never casts a shadow

As one has said

“We are not alone in this great

universe, whose awful order,

indifferent to our needs,

strikes a shivering dread into

our hearts.

Behind the veil a Father is

watching and caring,

and by His vigilant providence

is adding, in the measure in

which He sees we need them,

all these things unto us.

Be careful for nothing;

rest calmly in the care of God.”

Since we’re valuable to God,

He made us,

He redeemed us,

He lives in us,

He guards and protects us.

If He shields us and everything

that comes our way must pass

through his watchful care,

than we have to accept it as

His will.

In John 3:27 John answered

and said, A man can receive

nothing, except it be given him

from heaven.

As Peter who was sifted by

Satan as wheat tells us:

1 Peter 4:19

Wherefore let them that suffer

according to the will of God

commit the keeping of their

souls to him in well doing,

as unto a faithful Creator.

Commit means to deposit in a

secure bank our valuable


In 2 Tim 1:12 Paul states:

For the which cause I also suffer

these things: nevertheless I am

not ashamed: for I know whom

I have believed, and am persuaded

that he is able to keep that which

I have committed unto him against

that day

“We make our decisions,”

wrote Frank Boreham

“and then our decisions turn

around and make us.”

2 Cor. 3:5 says

Not that we are sufficient of

ourselves to think anything

as of ourselves;

but our sufficiency is of God;

2Chron. 14:11 tells us

And Asa cried unto the LORD

his God, and said, LORD,

it is nothing with You to help,

whether with many, or with them

that have no power:

help us, O LORD our God;

for we rest on You,

and in Your name we go against

this multitude.

O LORD, You are our God;

let not man prevail against






LORD, how are they increased

that trouble us!


many are they that rise up

against us.


Many there be which say

of our soul,

There is no help for him in God.




But You, O LORD, are a shield

for us;


You are our glory,


You are the lifter up of our head.


We cried to the LORD

with our voice,


and He heard us

out of His holy hill.




We laid us down and slept;


We awaked; for the LORD

sustained us.


We will not be afraid of ten

thousands of people,

that have set themselves

against us round about.



Arise, O LORD; save us,

O our God:


for You hast smitten all our

enemies on the cheek bone;

You have broken the teeth

of the God rejectors.


Salvation belongs to the LORD:

Your blessing is on Your

people. Selah.

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