So we yield to Him

Prayer is a paradox.

No spiritual exercise is such

a blending

of complexity and simplicity.

It is the simplest form of speech

that infant lips can try,

yet the sublimest strains

that reach the Majesty on high.

It is as appropriate

to the aged philosopher

as to the little child.

It is the pinnacle release

of a moment

and the attitude of a lifetime.

It is the expression

of the rest of faith

and of the fight of faith.

It is an agony and an ecstasy.

It is submissive

and yet importunate.

It, in one moment lays hold of God

and binds the devil.

It can be focused

on a single objective

and it can roam the world.

It can be abject confession

and rapt adoration.

It invests puny man

with a sort of omnipotence

Small wonder then

that even it’s greatest exponent

and example was forced to admit

We do not even know

how we ought to pray

But, the Spirit comes

to the aide of our weakness

Through our inarticulate groans

the Spirit is pleading for us

And God searches our inner being

hears the Spirits voice

As He speaks for us

in God’s special way

Is it not strange

that in spite of our conviction

of its privilege and necessity?

We are all plagued

with a subtle aversion

to praying

How can we find our heart

so loathe go to God

and when before Him

so loathe to stay?

We must strive to pray

defying our feelings

Endeavor even when we think

we can’t

Our Lord Jesus comes to us.

He gently chides us:

couldn’t you watch with me

one hour?

The Spirit is willing

the flesh is weak.

So we yield

to the Spirits assistance

in our weakness

J. Oswald Sanders

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