He Satisfies

For he satisfies the longing soul,

and fills the hungry soul

with goodness.

Psalms 107:9

Have you ever been lost

There’s no paths out,

There’s no tracks to follow,

There’s no signposts,

There’s no shelter for comfort,

There’s no food,

There’s no water,

There’s no hope

We feel distant from everyone

We’re far away.

This is what the psalmist describes

a place destitution

“they wandered in the wilderness”

“they found no city to dwell in”

They had no supplies

“hungry and thirsty

their soul fainted.”

That is what life is like

out of the will of God.

Israel was like a person

lost in the desert,

but God found them

and led them back home

“Oh that we would praise

the Lord …

for His wonderful works

to the us and those we love!

For He satisfies

the longing soul,

He fills our hungry soul

with goodness.”

The exquisites beauty of our

Great Grand Son and

Grand daughter

Oh that we would praise

the Lord

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