I’m stunned with Jesus

He’s exceptional

He’s amazing

He’s perfectly beautiful

in every way

He came and made Himself

of no reputation

When you’re harangued

When we’re disparaged

When we’re discredited

When we’re slandered

When we’re blamed

We’re just slightly experiencing

what Jesus felt

He was despised

He was rejected

And He still is

He’s the source of all life

He gives us every breath

we breath

Everything we are and have

comes from Him

How much credit do we

give Him

And He makes Himself of

No reputation

He emptied Himself

He stripped Himself

Jesus embraced a

incredibly humbling process.

He didn’t claim special privileges.

Instead, he lived a selfless life

He then died a selfless death

and Jesus death was the

worst kind of death that

can ever be imagined

He died for every sin

The was ever committed

He was discredited

He was disgraced

He was dishonored

He was disbelieved

He was denigrated

He accepted it all

He endured it all

For us

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